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Established since 1998, at Spectrum we take our responsibilities very seriously and have studied to advanced level with the institute of Environmental Health and Infection Control in order to advise our customers from a position of strength. As an independent cleaning product and paper distributor, our team are totally focussed on caring about you, the customer, and provide unbiased advice on the best products for the job to ensure you run a hygienic and safe environment both indoors and outdoors for all to enjoy.

Imagine a world where nobody cleaned.  Not a pleasant thought is it?

Cleaning keeps us healthy, by banishing bacteria and dust, and also contributes to our broader welfare.  Workers are more productive, students will have better learning outcomes and members of the public will feel safer and happier if their surroundings are clean and well maintained. There is no denying that the service and products that Spectrum provides are vital. Proposing versatile ranges of, fit for purpose, cleaning products, paper disposables, janitorial goods and washroom services helps our customers to achieve clean and hygienic premises which can be enjoyed by all.

Spectrum offers a unique approach, we are dedicated to our customers and work in partnership with them to solve their problems which often include:-

  • Cutting and controlling expenditure
  • Saving time
  • Improving product/cleaners performance
  • Making the cleaning tasks easier and more systematic
  • Reducing risks
  • Meeting compliance needs including hygiene and infection control standards

Our service excellence includes:-

  • Implementation of efficient stock control systems
  • Installation of chemical dosing units which help to control costs.
  • Delivery of bespoke certified COSHH and cleaning and hygiene science workshops and manuals delivering legislative compliance and education which provides peace of mind.
  • COSHH Data and Features and Benefit sheets
  • Colour Coding Systems