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Shane Leppington

Product and Service Distributor

I really enjoy my work at Spectrum because we are a close-knit team whom help and care about each other.  I work on the front line and engage with our customers every day and the service I provide is very important to me. Nothing gives me greater pleasure than to see a happy customer and I think my easygoing personality endears me to people, which is fortunate.

My family mean everything to me and I love to spend time with them.  When our eldest, Katie, was born she was in the special care baby unit for 10 days and this charity is now very dear to me.  I have two other kids, Evie and Jack so between the three of them, they keep me busy.  I can’t wait to introduce my passion of football to my son Jack.  I am a keen supporter of Scarborough Athletic Football Club and enjoy watching the matches when I get chance.  Katie comes with me at the moment and she loves to wear her football shirt, which gets us both into the spirit of things!

Reading autobiographies of famous sportsmen is a passion of mine and this coupled with a few beers, my football, family and steak and chips makes me a happy man!