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Washroom Service

Washroom Pick & Mix Selection

  • Feminine hygiene & nappy bins - all bags are regularly and discreetly exchanged to comply with Environmental Health Protection Act 1990.
  • Lady bag dispensers.
  • Baby changing tables & toddler seats.
  • Vending - single, dual & multi vends.
  • Air care - stylish units provide a fresh & fragranced atmosphere.
  • Hand care - stylish soap dispensing, sanitising & drying.
  • Paper dispensing - hand wiping & toilet paper systems.
  • Urinal sanitising - via a programmed unit that is stylish, compact & effective or enzyme caps that degrade lime scale & bacteria over time.
  • Water management systems - can cut your water bills by 96%.
  • Medical waste units - safe & compliant disposal of healthcare swabs and dressings.
  • Washroom deep cleaning - choose from a selection of services to meet your needs.

If you would like to download our Washroom Service brochure please click here

Please note; our washroom service is only availble within a 100 mile radius of our head office in Scarborough, North Yorkshire.

Feminine Hygiene Facts

Health & Safety Welfare Regulations (1992)

Recommend that all ladies washrooms should have a facility for collection of sanitary waste.

Water Industries Act (1991)

States that no items should be flushed down the toilet that can cause harm to the sewer or drain. (Tampons & towels are NOT soluble)

Duty Of Care - Environmental Protection Act (1990)

Places a duty of care on all waste producers to dispose of waste responsibly.


Price varies depending on the number of bins per location & the requested service frequency, however the average price for a fortnightly service on one bin is £2.00 per week!

Target Ovarian Cancer

50p for every bin we site is donated to Target Ovarian Cancer.

Bespoke Arrangements To Suit Your Needs!

Corporate uniformed, trained service operatives. Free Installation. Waste Transfer documentation complying with duty of care legislation.

Direct Debit

In order for us to maintain low cost & exceptional value we have adopted direct debit as our preferred method of payment. You can be assured of hassle free scheduled payments at previously agreed rates.