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1) Drain the machine.

2) Switch off the dosing unit.

3) Remove loose lime scale with spatula and rinse the inside of the machine with clean fresh water.

4) Fill the machine with clean water.

5) Pour undiluted Catering Descaler into machine at a ratio of 2 litres per 40 litre capacity and leave for 2/3 minutes.

6) Run a rinse cycle of between 5 to 10 minutes.

7) Inspect the machine. Consider the points below:
If all the scale has been removed drain solution and proceed to step 8
If machine still contains scale, empty machine and repeat process from step 4

8) Refill with clean water and operate the cycle three times to rinse the machine

 Health and Safety Information

Please refer to the relevant COSHH safety data sheets.

Wear suitable PPE as per your COSHH assessments.