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1) Switch off power.

2) Drain fat and wipe off any heavy grease with a disposable paper towel.

3) Add Lift Degreaser to cold water, in the fryer, at a dilution rate of 400ml per 10 litres.

4) Submerge the baskets and utensils in the solution and replace the cover.

5) Leave for up to 2 hours until the soil is emulsified.

6) Drain off solution.

7) Make up another solution by adding Lift to a sink or bucket full of warm water at a dilution rate of 100mls per 5 litres.

8) Using solutions, wipe internal and external surfaces with a disposable cloth.

9) Rinse with clean water and allow to air dry.

Health and Safety Information

Please refer to the relevant COSHH safety data sheets.

Wear suitable PPE as per your COSHH assessments.