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Clostridium Difficile and the Norovirus

Both these viruses seem to be the main cause for concern for infection control professionals as we continue through these winter months, according to a recent survey.

The survey conducted at Infection Prevention 2013 which revealed that around 48% of respondents highlighted that the Clostridium Difficile virus was a primary cause for concern and around 36% of those surveyed highlighted the Norovirus to be a major cause of concern, this research has been carried out by no-touch infection control solutions provider Bioquell.

A total of around 170 infection control nurses and senior practitioners have been asked to rank various “pathogens” in the order of which they believe are priority and also show any others that they were concerned about. As for the way to combat these viruses, the respondents replied with the following, more single rooms (44% of respondents) followed by the higher need for more infection control nurses (26% of respondents).

The survey carried out also showed that many infection control professionals would like to have a higher amount of engagement from their hospital (16% stated this should be a requirement and 46% stated it as something that should be a priority). The need for hand hygiene, better training and more staff engagement were all raised as key concerns that should be of some priority for many local hospitals.

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Sources - European cleaning Journal (November 2013)