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Use a chlorine based disinfectant of 1 Chlorine Tablet in 100 millilitres of warm water.

1. Wear a disposable apron and gloves (and facial protection if there is a risk of splashing.)

2. Ventilate the area by opening windows and doors.

3. Cover the spillage with paper towels and pour the chlorine solution over the paper towels. Leave for required amount of time (specified on the container.)

4. Clear away paper towels and spillage and dispose of as infectious waste.

5. Using a disposable cloth, wash the area using Orange Fresh and warm water. Then dry with paper towels. Dispose of these items as infectious waste.

6. Remove PPE as also dispose of as infectious waste.

7. Wash hands thoroughly in order to prevent the risk of transmission of infection.

Health and Safety Information

Please refer to the relevant COSHH safety data sheets.

Wear suitable PPE as per your COSHH assessments.