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1) Ensure the iron is unplugged.

2) Remove limescale by filling with 100 millilitres of Magic Kettle Descaler, filling to maximum capacity with Descaler. Leave for 1-2 hours, empty and then rinse out with clean water.

3) NOTE: check manufacturer’s instructions first, as this could cause damage to some self-cleaning irons.

4) To clean the soleplate, wipe and polish with a Microfibre Cloth when iron is cold.

5) Remove burnt on ‘sticky’ marks by rubbing them with a Microfibre Cloth when iron is warm. More stubborn marks may have to be dealt with using white toothpaste or bicarbonate of soda.

6) As always, we advise you to try a test patch first and contact us for more specific advice if you are unsure that the item you are cleaning is suitable for our instructions.

Health and Safety Information

Please refer to the relevant COSHH safety data sheets.

Wear suitable PPE as per your COSHH assessments.