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1. Take a spoonful of wax (about the size of a golf ball) and put it in a duster.

2. Wrap the duster around the wax ball and knead until soft.

3. Treating one small area at a time, rub the ball in a circular motion.

4. When the surface dulls, wipe off excess wax using a clean, soft, duster. For better results, turn the duster frequently.

5. Repeat waxing and wiping until the entire piece is waxed. If you notice a streak, keep wiping as this is a sign that excess wax is left on the surface.

6. For a deep shine, apply a second coat of wax in the same manner.

7. How to freshen antiques that smell: air outside on a warm, dry, sunny day. Shade from direct sunlight. Pour talcum powder or baking soda over the surface to absorb odours.

8. How to treat deep scratches: If deeply scratched, use a wood filler and apply in several thin layers rather than one thick layer.

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