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Staff Hygiene and Absence

The cost for total staff being absent is costing British businesses an estimated £32 billion a year, of which 131 million work days were lost due to sickness. With seasonal infections such as cold and flu bugs on the rise each year, companies need an action plan to guard against the spread of illnesses, we all understand that illness can force employees to be absent for extended periods of time which doesn’t hold well for your business.

The biggest culprit for the spread of bugs is the washroom, this highlights the important need for the proper chemicals to be used to make sure all spreadable bugs and viruses do not leave the washroom and aren’t allowed in there to begin with. The chemicals need to be placed into effect in all areas of the washroom from toilets to the mirrors, for finishing the whole area needs to be mopped clean. It should be noted that all surfaces should be germ free after cleaning.

Why do you need a healthy workplace?

Carl Robinson, marketing manager for Nviro, offers up some facts and solutions on the subject of office hygiene, highlighting how a good cleaning regime can drive staff productivity and growth for your business.

Business’ always try and reinvent themselves with new marketing campaigns and promotional events to drive growth and revenue. However many pass up the opportunity to look up the fact of how they could be losing revenue due to staff illness, sick days and unmotivated staff which all leads to staff being counter-productive on work days.

Imagine yourself getting ready for a full day’s work motivated for the day, sitting at your desk, but before working you must clean the stacks of papers away from your keyboard and prising away from spilt coffee, here you have an environment that is dangerous for the wellbeing of staff and has poor working conditions.

A study conducted by Sydney based cleaning company earlier in the year show that business productivity and profit margins increase significantly when the workspace is clean and comfortable, which is not surprising as staff are more motivated and feel comfortable. This report just goes to show that investing in cleaning may offer the fastest route for making external gains.

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