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The vital role of distributors to the cleaning industry is, sadly, too often overlooked or downplayed. However, it should never be forgotten that distributors truly are the glue that binds together the manufacturer and the end user. Keith Baker ISSA

Distributors, such as Spectrum Cleaning Solutions, are the connectors to the cleaning industry. It is through companies like us, products manufactured by small companies in one corner of the world are in use by customers in an entirely different region.

With our wealth of knowledge about the many products on the market, we are able to provide a varied and informed choice of products that will meet the exact need of our customer and of which are recommended perfectly for the job at hand.

Our true value is our ability to form a good and long lasting relationship between the customer and the offering of expert advice and guidance on a face to face basis.

Our free support services include, Product Streamlining, Dosing Units, Certified Cleaning and Hygiene & COSHH Training, Stock Control Systems, Budget Controls, Face to Face Account Management.

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