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Introducing the latest in flat mopping technology, the Pro-Mist Mop System is more than just a mop. Featuring a removable bottle and a trigger spray at the top of the handle, the innovative mopping system sprays a fine mist of water directly onto the floor – no chemical or bucket is required.

The antibacterial microfibre mop pad easily removes dirt, quickly leaving your floors clean and dry. The system also includes an easy release break frame, allowing the flat mop pads to be easily removed without the need to touch the soiled item.

What’s in the kit?

The antibacterial kit features the Pro-Mist handle, Uniko break-frame, along with a blue, washable antibacterial microfibre mop.

User instructions

Remove the Pro-Mist bottle and fill with water and/or cleaning agent, then reattach. Squeeze the trigger to spray a fine mist onto the surface to be cleaned. Mop in a figure of eight motion while holding onto the ergonomically rotating cap at the top of the handle.

New mop heads can easily be attached to the frame by releasing the break-frame, inserting either end into the pockets and push to lock in place.


If you’d like to order this innovative new mopping system, you can do so here or by calling us on 01723 373509