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Spectrum Cleaning Solutions have been awarded silver accreditation, under the Investors in the Environment scheme. After a lengthy process, in order to reduce the businesses carbon footprint, they undertook a detailed audit to ensure the high standards had been achieved.

The Resource Director at Spectrum, Karen Betteridge said "I recognise that Spectrum Cleaning Solutions as an organisation and the business activities we undertake have an impact on the environment and the team and I have embraced the three R’s culture of reduce, reuse and recycle."

Some of our actions have included:

  1. Reviewed and changed delivery routes and trained drivers in fuel efficient driving
  2. E mailing monthly statements and invoices
  3. Segregated waste to landfill and waste to recycling
  4. Installed flush saving devices on toilets
  5. Installed new boiler

"The above are just a few of the many activities we have undertaken to benefit the environment, maximise productivity and reduce operational costs."

Karen continued, “This award and being able to disclose our carbon footprint will help us with our sales tendering requirements in the future and by being environmentally sustainable, it differentiates our business. We are not stopping here, we are committed to further reducing our carbon footprint and enhance Spectrum as it continues to grow and develop”.