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As the sunshine’s down and your sun creams are applied, it’s hard to imagine crisp white snow covering the ground and festive gatherings with friends and family around the tree.

But, it will be here before we know it and commonly stress seems to go hand in hand with Christmas.  I have always found that the more organised I am personally and professionally, the more I enjoy the occasion myself.

Start thinking now about your Christmas party co-ordinates.  The manufacturers only make a certain amount each year and when it’s gone, it’s gone.  Table covers, place mats, or table runners are a great place to create a colour scheme for your Christmas dinner tables.  Using them as a jumping off point, you can select a traditional colour scheme of red and green, a more modern colour scheme using designer colours and metallic, or colours that match your shades in your restaurant.

Crackers come in all sizes to suit all budgets – choose early to get the ones you want!

Candles are a nice addition to a Christmas dinner table.  If there will be young children at the table, make sure to consider fire safety.  You can use traditional tapered candles or tea lights in glass perhaps.

Don't go overboard on the decorations.  Your diners want to sit at the table to dine, not to be a stationary object to stack decorations on.  If you have a large centrepiece, make it easily removable so that it doesn't get in the way when dinner starts.  Make sure it is low enough so it doesn't block the view of people sitting across from each other.

It’s great to think of the kids too, make sure to give just as much thought to them; it will make happy parents and happy customers. Consider adding kids’ activities to the table, such as place mats that can be coloured, or a puzzle in a Christmas theme.

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