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According to a recent survey, 69% of people believe that toilet roll is the 20th Century convenience most taken for granted. However, such a simple item can often create an added sense of luxury in a public bathroom. With the average public toilet taking 71.48 separate visits to use one full toilet roll, that’s a lot of impressions, either good or bad, than can be made on the customer. The graph below is a useful insight into what customers look for in a toilet roll in a public bathroom:

Most important feature of toilet roll

Percentage of people





Not running out of paper


Paper with moisturiser


Paper with printed humorous sayings


And here is a graph of what customers dislike about toilet rolls in public toilets:

Most disliked feature of toilet roll

Percentage of people

An empty dispenser


Tissue breaking off before getting the needed amount


Toilet roll sitting on top of dispenser/toilet tank


Tissue hanging off the roll and onto the floor


So for something that is thought to be most taken for granted, toilet roll doesn’t half create some controversy! Here at Spectrum, we believe that we can combat these customer disgruntlements and help you to leave them with a positive impression. Click on the links below to view some of our products that we believe will enable you to do this.

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