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Over the years, we have faced the challenge of competing with large companies with good reputations and strong brand recognition. In order to grow and develop, we understood that we must differentiate ourselves by providing a personable, indispensable service that our customers recognised as extremely valuable to them. And so this was how Spectrum’s Hygiene Management Scheme started.

 The Hygiene Management Scheme can be described as an essential support, covering crucial areas that all organisations may be involved in. Breaking this down more simply, we can look at four categories that the scheme strives to serve:

  1. Cost control, providing uniquely tailored cost effective solutions

  2. Education, providing comprehensive teaching that can be sustained

  3. Compliance, providing the right tools and information to ensure overwhelming legislation, rules and policies are met

  4. Infection control and food safety, providing organisations with the right products, training and information to ensure maximum safety

We have worked extremely hard to understand what you as our customer needs, to ensure that The Hygiene Management Scheme is as useful and helpful as can be and we truly believe that we are providing a service that is unique in its approach to providing excellent customer support.

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