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With winter fast approaching Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas are upon us, along with, of course, the inevitable bugs that will undoubtedly ‘bug’ each and everyone one of us during these festivities.

Regardless of the fun that these infections may interrupt, they can also create disruption in the workplace, with last season’s statistics revealing the direct cost of absenteeism to the UK economy was a huge £14bn. Evidently then, it would seem that businesses should be placing emphasis on providing their employees with a hygienic working environment.

Arguably, creating a clean and comfortable workspace could be seen as essential for every organisation’s success, with research from the last ten to fifteen years revealing that business productivity and profit margins increase significantly when workers are in an environment as such. Not only will the employees feel happier working in a clean setting, they are also much less likely to become ill.

The main cause of the spread of infections and viruses is the washroom, demonstrating how it is extremely important to keep this area as sanitary as possible. This can be done by ensuring the most effective chemicals and products are being used alongside successful cleaning procedures. You will simply not erase infections and viruses by using sub-standard products and un-educated cleaners.

Our customers feel that they have combated this problem with the help of our Hygiene Management Scheme (providing the cleaning education) and knowledgeable product experience (providing the effective chemicals.)

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