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As part of our Hygiene Management Scheme Support, we take a proactive role with our customers and like to inform them of information that we consider topical, current and relevant.

As I am sure you will know, The Food Standards Agency states that all businesses that handle food, need to use BS EN accredited cleaning products on food contact surfaces to reduce bacteria to safe levels.  We take a pride in recommending only fit for purpose product that help customers conform to any legislative requirements.

Currently, some Environmental Health Inspectors in York are focussing on cleaning and hand washing in their inspections and are looking for sanitisers with short contact times of around 30 seconds, due to E Coli 0157 and the Control of Cross Contamination.  Because of this, some clients have been down graded from Hygiene Rating 5 to 4.

We are currently writing to all our customers who use products requiring longer than a 30 second contact time and making them aware of this and offering  alternative suggestions. 

It would be a good idea to check your sanitiser contact times and take proactive action to safeguard top ratings.

Please ring us on 01723 373509 if you need any help at all.