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It’s a well known fact that rubber has been a cause of skin problems for many years, with the most common problem being irritant contact dermatitis.

This irritation is caused by a maceration of the skin often associated with sweating under occlusion. 

One example of this is the wearing of protective rubber gloves, with the potential of progression to low grade eczema causing itchiness, redness and scaling.

The allergic reaction to the chemicals used to process rubber produces a skin problem similar to eczema known as Allergic Contact Dermatitis.

This type of reaction is seen less commonly than irritant contact dermatitis produces blistering and weeping as well as redness and itching. As it heals, it progresses to dryness and scaling.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis is caused by a immunological reaction which although not life-threatening, can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable.

The following four categories of people are most likely to be at risk of this skin problem:

  1. People predisposed to allergies

  2. Patients with hand eczema

  3. Workers in the rubber industry and health care industry

  4. Patients who have undergone multiple surgical operations or other invasive procedures

At Spectrum, we aim to reduce the risk of contracting this skin problem by offering alternatives to rubber latex gloves with our nitrile option.