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It has to be said that men’s toilets don’t have the best reputation, known for being unhygienic and smelly places.

You only have to walk past a gent’s toilet to turn your nose up at that all too well-known and offensive pong!

It is often as a result of ineffective cleaning fluids and cleaning practices and, we hate to say it, ‘poor aim’, that lead to this unpleasant smell.  

However, with just two effective and easy to use products, this odour can be banished for good and the reputation of unsanitary men’s toilets forgotten.

Bio P

Is an  easy-fit universal water-saving device for all urinals. Bio P conveniently fits into any urinal – even those that have been adapted to accept retro-fitting systems which have been removed, leaving an open hole.

The Bio P contains our well-proven biological block, which cleans and deodorises the urinal trap while also preventing the build-up of scale and solids.

By reducing the flushing frequency to three times within 24 hours, urinals are maintained in optimum condition and dramatic water savings enjoyed.

Use in conjunction with Blu Away to maintain an odour-free washroom environment (See below for more information).

CODE: BIO-P30. SIZE: Tubs of 25. Unit Price £95.00 (£3.80 per unit – lasts 30 days)

Blu Away

Specially formulated to clean and maintain odour-free washrooms.

Blu Away eradicates organic staining and odour problems from all washroom surfaces, including floors
and walls contaminated with urine.

Simply spray and wipe all ceramic surfaces to control scale and soiling.

Dilute and swab floors to clean and remove uric scale build-up and urine soiling.

CODE: BA750. SIZE: 750mls x 6. PRICE £22.80 (£3.80 each)

All of our customers that use these two products in conjunction with each other benefit from pleasant smelling gents toilets. Why not give your men’s toilets a pleasing smell?