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There is good and bad in everything in life and when it comes to cleaning products the same applies to bacteria!

Biological products should contain either good bacteria or enzymes or both, to eat away at the bad bacteria which release obnoxious odours, unpleasant for all around.

Our wonder product, Micro Clean, contains billions of specially selected good bacteria, which digest bad bacteria, eradicating odours and stains.

Even if the stain has dried and sometimes after other cleaners have been tried and failed, just dilute equal parts of Micro Clean with tepid (not hot) water and work the solution well into the soiled area.  Cover the damp, treated areas with a damp cloth, or sponge and leave it for about 4 hours.  Remove the cloth and allow the treated area to air dry naturally and voila – no smell, no stain, no problem!!

Whether the problem is caused by urine, dairy products, faeces, fruit juices, wine, cooking oil etc, providing Micro Clean solution has come into contact with the soiling, it will digest and remove it – permanently!  How good is that!