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Recent studies have found that our younger generation are not being taught proper hand hygiene habits due to a lack of education in nurseries, pre- and primary schools.  A lack of time, cost and poor facilities means that youngsters are lacking ‘training’ in basic hygiene, encouraging the spread of germs and an increase in illnesses.

Understandably, this is something that must be rectified as illnesses reflect poor attendance and therefore poor education in schools. What’s more, it’s a way of tackling the problem of antibiotic resistance, as we are likely to reduce the amount of antibiotic prescribing through good health practices.

 It is thought that the four key problems preventing good hand hygiene in schools are:

  1. Time (45%)

  2. Cost (27%)

  3. Poor/lack of facilities (6% - facilities such as limited supplies of soap, unpleasant to use, water at wrong temperature etc.)

  4. Lack of staff (5%)

So, the ultimate question must then be how do we solve these problems?  Here at Spectrum, we believe that our Hygiene Management Scheme was made to tackle problems such as this!  Encompassing a vast array of areas, we feel that our scheme supports establishments in a number of ways through education, cost control, compliance and education.  Whether your organisation is an educational one or not, you may be experiencing problems similar to this and we are here to help.

Click here to see how the scheme could help your organisation.