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 You know that everything you touch could be a source of bacteria and germs. Starting with a desk at work to taps in bathrooms to mobile phones, germs have a lot of hiding spaces.  While there are some common places most of us consider germ hot spots (toilets for example), there are some unforeseen germ spots some of us tend to forget.

Fuel Pumps

Next time you fill up your car, make sure to use hand sanitiser before you drive away from the fuel station. Researchers have found that about 71% of fuel pump handles carried germs that could make you sick.


Elevator buttons, microwave buttons, coffee machine buttons and ATM buttons are all germ hot spots and many of these buttons do not get cleaned and sanitized regularly.

Menus and condiment bottles

While many restaurant employees are great at cleaning and sanitising tables, countertops and other surfaces, menus and condiment bottles can sometimes get overlooked. After you order, make sure to wash your hands before the food arrives.

Your car

Be honest, when is the last time you cleaned and sanitized the inside of your car? You likely drive it several times a day and touch the steering wheel, gear stick, dashboard and radio/CD/MP3 Player buttons. Make sure to dust, vacuum and wipe with sanitizer wipes often to get rid of germs and bacteria.

Your purse or wallet

Purses, handbags and wallets can be hotbeds for germs. Many of us (me included) put our bags on the floor, then move them to a surface like a counter or table, which can spread germs. Purses also tend to be dark and warm on the inside – two of the things bacteria love most. To reduce germs, keep your bag open to avoid moisture buildup, empty it out often and clean the contents and dump out any crumbs living inside.