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1. Fill the tub with water hot water to approximately 4 inches (10cm) above the highest jets.

2. Turn off the air induction valve.

3. Add about 60mls (2 plunges) of Deepclean and 100mls of bleach to the water.

4. Run the jets for around 10—15 minutes.

5. Drain the tub—clean out the residue and refill it with cold water—above the jets again.

6. Run the jets for another 10 minutes—you want to rinse everything out thoroughly.

8. Drain the tub—it should now be ready to re-use.

Health and Safety Information

Please refer to the relevant COSHH safety data sheets.

Wear suitable PPE as per your COSHH assessments.

1) Sanitise and chlorinate the hot tub on a weekly basis. Add 1 chlorine tablet to the hot tub every week to keep the water clean and sparkling.

2) Clean the hot tub filter once every month. If dirt and debris gets trapped in the filter, it has to be cleaned out to ensure the hot tub is functioning properly.
 Remove the filter according to the instructions provided by the hot tub manufacturer. Lay the filter on the ground and spray it with a hose to loosen any dirt or particles that may have gathered in the hot tub.
 Soak the hot tub filter in a bucket filled with water, and add some spa filter cleaner.
 Take the filter out of the solution. Spray the filter again to rinse it, and ensure all the dirt and cleaning solution has been rinsed away.

3) Clean the hot tub shell every 3 months. To clean a hot tub shell, drain the water out of the tub. Trying to clean the shell with the water still in the hot tub will cause the chemical properties of the water to change.
 Use Deepclean and wipe down the hot tub shell with a damp sponge. Rinse out the tub and once clean, refill the hot tub with fresh water.

4) Clean the hot tub cover. The outside part of the hot tub cover gets the most exposure to sunlight and weather elements, so it is prone to collecting dirt. Wipe down the cover at least once per month. Vinyl protectant is available for the outside of hot tub covers.
 Clean the underside of the hot tub cover by taking the cover off the tub, and spraying it with a hose. Cleaners are not needed for this side of the cover.

Health and Safety Information

Please refer to the relevant COSHH safety data sheets.

Wear suitable PPE as per your COSHH assessments.

1) Switch off power.

2) Drain fat and wipe off any heavy grease with a disposable paper towel.

3) Add Lift Degreaser to cold water, in the fryer, at a dilution rate of 400ml per 10 litres.

4) Submerge the baskets and utensils in the solution and replace the cover.

5) Leave for up to 2 hours until the soil is emulsified.

6) Drain off solution.

7) Make up another solution by adding Lift to a sink or bucket full of warm water at a dilution rate of 100mls per 5 litres.

8) Using solutions, wipe internal and external surfaces with a disposable cloth.

9) Rinse with clean water and allow to air dry.

Health and Safety Information

Please refer to the relevant COSHH safety data sheets.

Wear suitable PPE as per your COSHH assessments.


1) Drain the machine.

2) Switch off the dosing unit.

3) Remove loose lime scale with spatula and rinse the inside of the machine with clean fresh water.

4) Fill the machine with clean water.

5) Pour undiluted Catering Descaler into machine at a ratio of 2 litres per 40 litre capacity and leave for 2/3 minutes.

6) Run a rinse cycle of between 5 to 10 minutes.

7) Inspect the machine. Consider the points below:
If all the scale has been removed drain solution and proceed to step 8
If machine still contains scale, empty machine and repeat process from step 4

8) Refill with clean water and operate the cycle three times to rinse the machine

 Health and Safety Information

Please refer to the relevant COSHH safety data sheets.

Wear suitable PPE as per your COSHH assessments.

Well, I don’t know about you but I feel that May came and went with the blink of an eye!  With two bank holidays and a three day business trip to Amsterdam, there never seemed to be enough hours in a day!

Keeping You In The Know

In my opinion, there has never been a more exciting time to be a member of the professional cleaning industry.  Tim Chadwick our General Manager and I visited the ISSA Interclean Exhibition in Amsterdam from 11th to 13th May.  We walked an average of 12 miles each day, covering the 11 halls (50,000sqm) and chatted to many of the 800+ world leading exhibitor’s from over 130 countries showcasing their latest innovations. 

We particularly enjoyed listening to cutting edge and inspiring talks in the Innovation Hub, about the future of the industry alongside watching robots clean floors!

Many new innovations, sourced from the show will be hitting our portfolio over the coming weeks and we can’t wait to get your feedback on these products.  Watch this space!

Compliance – A Cavalier Attitude to Safety?

The month of May saw a run on sales of allergy safety labels.  This seemed to follow the very sad news of the death of Paul Wilson, 38, who died after a North Yorkshire restaurant owner cut corners by using cheaper ingredients containing peanuts without changing the food allergen advice. As we know, food allergen labelling is crucial to people with food allergies that have to be extremely careful about what they eat. 

Food Safety labelling laws changed in Dec 2014 and although at times legislation may seem like a pounding headache difficult to get rid of, if the law had been followed, the above death could have been prevented. Find out more about food labelling here.

Our Community

The Spectrum team enjoyed watching two great events in Scarborough this month.  Firstly, the finale of the Tour De Yorkshire, with many of us on the finishing line cheering on the winners. Secondly, the Grand Prix of the Seas which provided a weekend of mighty, rolling waves that made surfers smile and powerboat and Jet Ski racers frown. Unfortunately, Saturday’s race programme was almost entirely abandoned due to the dangerous sea conditions, however the wild North Sea calmed a little for Sunday and we watched the ten race boats and twenty Jet Ski riders battle it out to find a winner!

 We Don’t Want to Miss Out, Do You?

This year, we would like to work with more private schools, nursing homes and hotels and would love some introductions to some of your contacts. It would be great to hear from you about your 2016 plans too, we may be able to provide you with contacts that would be useful. We are always interested to know what you are doing and to see where we can help.

We continue to feed into Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn, seeing them as a great platform to quickly supply specialist knowledge. We have loved sharing experiences and information with both our customers and expert industry leaders and we want to share these hints and tips with as many of our customer as possible, so if you don’t already, please follow us on:

Twitter: Follow us here.

Facebook: Like us here.

LinkedIn. Connect with me here.

Look forward to connecting with you and hearing all about your latest news!

Best Wishes