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Hi there,

I hope that you are well and have had a good April – it seems unbelievable that May is already upon us!

Here at Spectrum, we’ve had a great April, with lots of exciting innovations on the horizon.  Kelsey Moss also joined us as our new Business Support Administrator.  Check her out here, we are loving working with her.

In other news, this month seems to have been all about:-

How Compliant Are You?

It seems that April’s been all about compliance! As we know, cleaning is a crucial investment in human health and the environment. Although at times legislation may seem like a pounding headache difficult to get rid of, it does work in creating safe and welcoming settings that essentially add greater value for your stakeholders. Failing to comply can lead to an array of issues, from legal complications to poor brand image. Only this month KFC’s reputation has been called into question when faeces bacteria were found on ice from a drink machine. Kellogg’s, another global company, has also been placed in the firing line after it was discovered cereals had been contaminated with urine. These are perhaps extreme examples, however they do foreground how even the ‘big boys’ can get it wrong, and that we all need support in this often complicated domain. Which leads me nicely to…

Keeping You In The Know

A recent survey found that the majority of small businesses in the UK were not aware of the Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2009. This got me thinking about how many of our customers were perhaps not aware of this, and were therefore not complying with waste management legislation. After blogging about it and posting on Twitter and Facebook, I thought it was worth mentioning here too in case you missed it. Click here to view our blog for all you need to know.

Our Community

We’ve been enjoying some great local events recently that have really given us the chance to enjoy our community and all that it has to offer. The BBC Good Food Show cooked up some delights in Harrogate, with its culinary treats bringing hordes of people to the area. Books by The Beach equally brought a great crowd to Scarborough, with the temperamental weather certainly not dampening the brilliant minds that visited the coastline. Such weather will hopefully stave off this coming Bank Holiday when the fantastic Tour de Yorkshire will once again return to the region. We can’t wait to show our support!

And Finally -:

 Don’t Miss Out!

After an inspiring training session with social media guru Helen Reynolds, we have gone crazy for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn! Seeing them as great platforms to quickly supply specialist knowledge, we have loved sharing experiences and information with both our customers and expert industry leaders. We want to share these hints and tips with as many of our customer as possible, so if you don’t already, please follow us on:

Twitter: Follow us here.

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LinkedIn. Connect with me here.

Look forward to connecting with you and hearing all about your latest news!

Kind Regards,

Jo Thompson

Managing Director

A recent survey by the waste management industry discovered that the majority of small businesses within the UK were not aware of the Hazardous Waste (England and Wales) (Amendment) Regulations 2009, meaning that they often were not compliant. Upon hearing this, we wanted to act in order to better educate our customers, suppliers and others in the industry to ensure safe and compliant environments.

So what do you need to know? Firstly, it’s worth being aware that hazardous waste includes more items than you are probably thinking of. We tend to associate it with industrial effluents when really, a lot of it is actually generated within the workplace. Offices, car garages, schools, dental and medical surgeries plus a whole other array of organisations are all guilty of dumping in the bin materials that have a need to be separated for safe recycling and disposal. These items are things such as batteries, paints and out-of-date electrical items that the law stipulates must be treated with care, mainly due to the risks posed to the environment and human health.

Encouraging staff to become more aware of their waste disposal habits is certainly something worth investing time into. Aggregating simple, yet clear, information such as posters and stickers can work well (images are preferable so as not to disadvantage those whose first language isn’t English.)

We now face the obvious question: what is hazardous waste?

  • Bulbs and UV lamps
  • Alkaline batteries
  • Adhesives (e.g. superglue)
  • Aerosols
  • Waste electrical and electronic items (WEEE) e.g. printed circuit boards, kettles, toasters, old mobile phones
  • Full or part-full paint tins
  • Mineral oil (packaged)
  • Rags/granules contaminated with oil or solvent
  • Oil filters
  • Empty containers contaminated with oil.

Essentially, we can see just how closely linked the cleaning and waste industries are, converging ever closer in a society that places increasing importance on legislation and customer expectation. We hope that this blog has shed some light on the situation, and if there is anything further we can help with, please get in touch:

Tweet us at:

Facebook message us at:

Phone us on: 01723 373509

Link to the Hazardous Waste Amendment Regulations 2009:

They say that spring is the perfect time for a little cleaning, which seems to be where I come in! My name is Emily, I am a twenty-year-old Business and Mandarin student at Newcastle University and now the latest recruit of the family business. Setting out to re-vamp Spectrum’s social media, I am keen to get stuck in with the rest of the clan!

Things have come a long way since my Grandpa, Mum and Dad established Spectrum in 1998 and I have always admired their continual embrace of change and innovation, allowing Spectrum to be at the top of its game. I hope to continue this legacy of creativity through the online world, impart helpful and expert advice, and share Spectrum’s world with you!

Can’t wait to connect with you, so please follow us on:




Here at Spectrum, our team are proud ambassadors for the UK’s leading Ovarian Cancer charity, Target Ovarian Cancer. An inspirational organisation working to improve early diagnosis, fund life-saving research and provide vital support to affected women, we feel extremely passionate about supporting this tremendously worthy cause.

Whether this means shedding sweat, blood and tears when climbing the Three Peaks, boogying on down at girls’ party nights or donating 50p for every feminine hygiene bin Spectrum sites, we are willing to go that extra mile to support the incredible work of Target Ovarian Cancer.

And throughout the whole of March you can pledge your support too! March is a four-week long shouting, jumping, singing, dancing (or whatever you need to do!) awareness campaign for Ovarian Cancer and we would love it if you would join us in spreading the word!

Together, we can become agents of change, fighting to reduce the figure of 7,000 women who are diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer every year. With only 3% of women believing that they are ‘very confident’ in spotting the symptoms and a total absence of screening programmes or national awareness campaigns, March is a vital opportunity to raise as much awareness as possible! Together, we believe we can help to do this!

So we ask you, our loyal customer, to support us in raising awareness throughout the month of March as we work together to upkeep the inspirational efforts of all those involved in and affected by Ovarian Cancer.

See below to see how you can get involved!

Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month 2016: At Spectrum

Thursday 3rd March: Glam for OCAM!

Kicking the month off to a fabulous start, Spectrum is going Glam for OCAM! This is all about dressing to impress and pulling out our most fancy outfits and accessories all in the name of glamour! We are getting involved by hosting a clothes swap, with all proceeds going to Target Ovarian Cancer!

Why don’t your team donate some glam items of clothing? Simply pop them in a bag ready for our delivery team to collect on their next visit!

Friday 11th March: Dress LOUDER!

We will be donning our loudest, brightest, most colourful outfits to celebrate all the enlightening work done by Ovarian Cancer charities. Why don’t you join us and brighten your day too? Send us photos of your loudest, craziest outfits and be entered into our prize draw!

Monday 14th March – Friday 18th March: Quiz Whiz!

Who is the Quizee Rascal amongst us? The whizzest at quizzes? The conqueror of Mount Cleverest? All week, our delivery team will be busy handing out short quizzes, so why not donate a £1, test your general knowledge, and be in with the chance of winning a luxury-cleaning hamper!

Wednesday 30th March: TAG!

The Spectrum team are getting active! Splitting into three teams, we are dedicating our afternoon to a tag race covering Peasholm, North Bay, South Bay and the town centre. All in the name of raising awareness, we will be spreading the word through leaflets and informal chats whilst aiming to fill our collection buckets to their brim!


As restaurants, bars and hotels fill on St. Valentine’s Day and the Scarborough seafront bursts with happy skippers on Shrove Tuesday, it looks as though February will be a busy month for us all and Spectrums preparations are well underway.

Not only does this month see us celebrate those we love and provide the excuse to munch on a pancake or two, there are an array of more obscure festivities you may wish to take part in such as ‘Kite Flying Day’ or ‘Do a Grouch a Favour Day’ however at Spectrum, we have to say our favourite is ‘No Vacuum Day!’ Originating from the desire of a housewife to lead a simpler life, she wanted to create a day without a vacuum of housekeeping and chores (we like the pun) to enjoy the simple life of leisure. We at Spectrum wholeheartedly support this philosophy, wishing to help you as our customer enjoy more leisure time by taking away the strain of all your cleaning and hygiene needs.

Free Support Services which improve efficiency and standards!

Our Hygiene Management Support Services is just one of the ways we hope to do this, by continually providing added value for our customers. One of our nursing homes has recently introduced Spectrum’s stock and budget management systems along with cleaning schedules to help embed good and consistent cleaning practices throughout the group.  The owners of the business said “Spectrums work has clearly highlighted good and bad practices that will be addressed and shared to improve efficiency and standards for all” Find out more by clicking here.

How Compliant Are You?

We have been working with several clients recently, helping them with their hygiene and related health and safety compliance.  Breaching the Health and Safety at Work Act 1992/99, can be a costly process and one that can be avoided.  One customer recently approached us for help after hearing that a business in close proximity had been challenged by the HSE about work related dermatitis issues which ended up costing them £100K in costs. We stepped in and guided them with risk assessments, helped them by controlling their employees exposure to the chemicals they were using and recommended other more user-friendly products which represented less of a risk for their staff. They have said “we feel happier that Spectrum are now working with us and we can relax knowing everything is compliant and as it should be”

As always we hope to hear about all your news too!  Why not connect with us on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook to receive useful updates and tips!

Until next time!

Jo Thompson

Managing Director