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Recent studies have found that our younger generation are not being taught proper hand hygiene habits due to a lack of education in nurseries, pre- and primary schools.  A lack of time, cost and poor facilities means that youngsters are lacking ‘training’ in basic hygiene, encouraging the spread of germs and an increase in illnesses.

Understandably, this is something that must be rectified as illnesses reflect poor attendance and therefore poor education in schools. What’s more, it’s a way of tackling the problem of antibiotic resistance, as we are likely to reduce the amount of antibiotic prescribing through good health practices.

 It is thought that the four key problems preventing good hand hygiene in schools are:

  1. Time (45%)

  2. Cost (27%)

  3. Poor/lack of facilities (6% - facilities such as limited supplies of soap, unpleasant to use, water at wrong temperature etc.)

  4. Lack of staff (5%)

So, the ultimate question must then be how do we solve these problems?  Here at Spectrum, we believe that our Hygiene Management Scheme was made to tackle problems such as this!  Encompassing a vast array of areas, we feel that our scheme supports establishments in a number of ways through education, cost control, compliance and education.  Whether your organisation is an educational one or not, you may be experiencing problems similar to this and we are here to help.

Click here to see how the scheme could help your organisation.


Catch Up November 2015

We've been busy working hard for our customers on some great improvements that we thought you might be interested in.

This month, we welcomed a new client into our portfolio, Holly Bank Trust, based in Mirfield, West Yorkshire.  An amazing charity working to nurture, develop and enrich the lives of children, young people and adults who have complex physical, sensory, communication, learning and health needs.  One of their challenges was to remove wheel chair ingrained soiling from alto flooring.  A visit to the site and 10 minutes on my hands and knees with some Orange Fresh and a scourer and the floor came up like brand new! We are looking forward to working in partnership with this charity, supporting them with tools from our hygiene management support scheme, to help provide uniformity throughout this multi sited organisation. Visit our site to read more about Orange Fresh, an environmentally friendly product made with orange peel. 


With infection Control firmly on the agenda, our resident Mr Fixit, Mark Mullin, has been working with many doctors surgeries throughout the region, ensuring they are COSHH compliant and that their cleaning products and procedures are fit for purpose in preparation for inspections from the Care Quality Commission. Read a recent case study here.


Using our expertise and knowledge and always happy to add value, we have been proactive with our many food processing customers this month. E Coli is high on Environmental Health Officers agenda at the moment, with some EHO’s in the York area insisting on sanitisers having a 30 seconds contact time. Please read our Blog  and contact us if you are in any doubt about the product you currently use. We are happy to inform, demonstrate, improve and advise, without any obligation from you to buy. 


Finally, we are pleased to have contributed to a new look in the washrooms at the Innovation Centre at York Science Park. This vibrant business space combines specialist equipment, business support, office and administrative services, and is designed specifically to support and encourage the start-up and growth of knowledge-based companies of all sizes. By upgrading the soap and dispensers, toilet rolls and dispensers and hand towels and dispensers, a more hygienic provision is offered to the customer.  This affords a more modern and updated look in keeping with the rest of the building.  This dispenser upgrade was offered to our clients free of charge.  Click here to view our washroom services portfolio.


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Until next month, bye for now!


There is good and bad in everything in life and when it comes to cleaning products the same applies to bacteria!

Biological products should contain either good bacteria or enzymes or both, to eat away at the bad bacteria which release obnoxious odours, unpleasant for all around.

Our wonder product, Micro Clean, contains billions of specially selected good bacteria, which digest bad bacteria, eradicating odours and stains.

Even if the stain has dried and sometimes after other cleaners have been tried and failed, just dilute equal parts of Micro Clean with tepid (not hot) water and work the solution well into the soiled area.  Cover the damp, treated areas with a damp cloth, or sponge and leave it for about 4 hours.  Remove the cloth and allow the treated area to air dry naturally and voila – no smell, no stain, no problem!!

Whether the problem is caused by urine, dairy products, faeces, fruit juices, wine, cooking oil etc, providing Micro Clean solution has come into contact with the soiling, it will digest and remove it – permanently!  How good is that!



It has to be said that men’s toilets don’t have the best reputation, known for being unhygienic and smelly places.

You only have to walk past a gent’s toilet to turn your nose up at that all too well-known and offensive pong!

It is often as a result of ineffective cleaning fluids and cleaning practices and, we hate to say it, ‘poor aim’, that lead to this unpleasant smell.  

However, with just two effective and easy to use products, this odour can be banished for good and the reputation of unsanitary men’s toilets forgotten.

Bio P

Is an  easy-fit universal water-saving device for all urinals. Bio P conveniently fits into any urinal – even those that have been adapted to accept retro-fitting systems which have been removed, leaving an open hole.

The Bio P contains our well-proven biological block, which cleans and deodorises the urinal trap while also preventing the build-up of scale and solids.

By reducing the flushing frequency to three times within 24 hours, urinals are maintained in optimum condition and dramatic water savings enjoyed.

Use in conjunction with Blu Away to maintain an odour-free washroom environment (See below for more information).

CODE: BIO-P30. SIZE: Tubs of 25. Unit Price £95.00 (£3.80 per unit – lasts 30 days)

Blu Away

Specially formulated to clean and maintain odour-free washrooms.

Blu Away eradicates organic staining and odour problems from all washroom surfaces, including floors
and walls contaminated with urine.

Simply spray and wipe all ceramic surfaces to control scale and soiling.

Dilute and swab floors to clean and remove uric scale build-up and urine soiling.

CODE: BA750. SIZE: 750mls x 6. PRICE £22.80 (£3.80 each)

All of our customers that use these two products in conjunction with each other benefit from pleasant smelling gents toilets. Why not give your men’s toilets a pleasing smell?


It’s a well known fact that rubber has been a cause of skin problems for many years, with the most common problem being irritant contact dermatitis.

This irritation is caused by a maceration of the skin often associated with sweating under occlusion. 

One example of this is the wearing of protective rubber gloves, with the potential of progression to low grade eczema causing itchiness, redness and scaling.

The allergic reaction to the chemicals used to process rubber produces a skin problem similar to eczema known as Allergic Contact Dermatitis.

This type of reaction is seen less commonly than irritant contact dermatitis produces blistering and weeping as well as redness and itching. As it heals, it progresses to dryness and scaling.

Allergic Contact Dermatitis is caused by a immunological reaction which although not life-threatening, can be extremely itchy and uncomfortable.

The following four categories of people are most likely to be at risk of this skin problem:

  1. People predisposed to allergies

  2. Patients with hand eczema

  3. Workers in the rubber industry and health care industry

  4. Patients who have undergone multiple surgical operations or other invasive procedures

At Spectrum, we aim to reduce the risk of contracting this skin problem by offering alternatives to rubber latex gloves with our nitrile option.