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Staff Hygiene and Absence

The cost for total staff being absent is costing British businesses an estimated £32 billion a year, of which 131 million work days were lost due to sickness. With seasonal infections such as cold and flu bugs on the rise each year, companies need an action plan to guard against the spread of illnesses, we all understand that illness can force employees to be absent for extended periods of time which doesn’t hold well for your business.

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Clostridium Difficile and the Norovirus

Both these viruses seem to be the main cause for concern for infection control professionals as we continue through these winter months, according to a recent survey.

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With health and safety high on the public agenda, are companies now realising the need for computer/IT cleaning? With both health and safety and preventative maintenance in mind, should companies invest in a regular cleaning regime?

In 2002, a research team from the University of Arizona in America found that the average desk harbours 400 times more bug activating dirt than a toilet seat with bacteria levels on the typical office telephone three times higher than on the bathroom door! 60% of time off work illnesses is contracted from dirty office equipment.

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