Food Production

Through our account managed service, we help to ensure that you have all the cleaning supplies required, to ensure all these key areas are covered and continuously maintained and updated, in line with EHO guidelines. 

Keeping your standards high

At the most elementary level, the visual appearance of a food factory is an indication of the standards and culture of the business. It has a strong bearing on the perception a visitor has when on site and can influence a variety of outcomes from new business to audits. This can make the cleanliness of a company as important as a detailed HACCP plan. HACCP is a way of managing food safety hazards, which cleanliness is a major part of.

Cleaning Solutions in your factory

All items that come into contact with food must be effectively cleaned and sanitised.

There is a 4-step process that many use within the food production industry; Preparation, Cleaning, Sanitising and Drying.

Cleaning can have high cost in both time and money, if not carried out in an efficient way. This is what we at Spectrum, try to lessen in numerous ways. With careful planning, a well-designed and organised food business can reduce the time required for thorough cleaning by following some key points:

All items must be stored off the floor. Allowing clearance from the floor gives plenty of room for cleaning beneath shelving and equipment.

Undertake regular maintenance, for example filling holes and replacing damaged tiles.

Compass Pro Products

Keep only what you need at the food business premises.

Implement and display a cleaning schedule so all staff know their cleaning responsibilities.

Account Manager Visits

Keep wood out of the kitchen. Wood absorbs moisture, provides a breeding ground for food-borne disease pathogens and cannot be easily cleaned and sanitised.

Wipe down utensils and surfaces with paper towels. Dish cloths (tea towels) can spread bacteria.

If hosing down equipment and surfaces, use a high-volume, low pressure hose. High pressure hoses can splash and spray dirt onto surfaces and create aerosols that may contain and spread pathogens.

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