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Making your guests want to return time after time is a challenge and cleanliness counts! Sparkling surroundings makes favourable impression on your guest. By conducting regular surveys we understand the cleaning and hygiene challenges you face both front of house and behind the scenes!

Spectrum has 16 years’ experience partnering the hospitality industry to ensure guest satisfaction. These businesses include Hotels, Inns, Restaurants, Serviced Apartments, Holiday Parks, Pubs, Clubs, Food and Drink Producers and Leisure & Tourism Attractions.

We have supported our hospitality clients over the years by:

  • Auditing and streamlining product supply for maximum efficiency and cost saving in all departments.
  • Introducing added value services such as our bespoke Hygiene Management Scheme which help keep bacteria at safe levels
  • Implementing stock control systems so that you aren’t unnecessarily tying up cash in cleaning materials
  • Training and certifying your staff in Cleaning and Disinfection and COSHH
  • Supplying chemical dosing systems that guarantee low in use costs.

Housekeepers need to provide fresh clean linen and sparkling hygienic bathrooms. Bar Managers need to maintain a hygienic bar and shine the glasses and tableware and Caterers need to meet stringent cleaning and hygiene standards and not compromise food safety.

We are partnering with you to continuously innovate and help in order for you to meet and exceed your guests’ expectations so they will return to you time after time.

David Nowell, Tickton Grange Hotel

Spectrum has supplied us for about a year now and is a well organised and professional company, supplying quality products.

They have delivered an informative COSHH training course which provided all attenders with a signed certificate of competence.

In our business, our biggest issue was stock control and Spectrum sorted this for us, free of charge, by implementing a very efficient system which enables us to stock less and order more regularly. Changing to Spectrum was not a hassle, they looked after us every step of the way and we would definitely recommend them to others.

Richard Johnson, Golden Grid Restaurant

We chose Spectrum as our cleaning and hygiene supplier because their prices are very reasonable and they are local.

Spectrum didn’t just supply us with our products but were attentive to our every need by helping us instigate cleaning schedules and procedures which helped us with our cleaning requirements and COSHH compliance.

Colour coding was also discussed and implemented. As this was done free of charge and it added major value to their supply proposition.

Spectrums level of service would definitely make me recommend them to other businesses.

Helen Marsden, Park Manor Hotel

We have used Spectrum Cleaning Solutions for 14 years and have always found them to be extremely punctual and efficient. They offer a very comprehensive list of products, and are always willing to search for individual requirements. Their prices are very competitive and the support services that they provide offer added value.

We will continue to use Spectrum in the future and we wish them every success in there continually growing business.

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