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Braeburn House is a North Yorkshire County Council residential care home. Referrals come from social services and there are facilities for 40 single rooms and a day care unit providing activities for 13 people.


Braeburn House sourced supplies from several suppliers to meet their cleaning and hygiene needs. Whilst efforts were made to control supplies invariably stocks would run out leaving no other choice than to visit the local shop. This was not proving efficient nor cost effective.

In addition, because there was no ownership from one supplier it was left to Braeburn House management team to meet COSHH legislation by training staff and sourcing data sheets and managing the health and safety obligations. This was taking up valuable management time and resources.

Due to lack of supplier partnerships, the products being used were not all fit for purpose. The dish wash detergent was not formulated for hard water areas and this created hard water lime scale issues and dishwasher malfunctions that were time consuming/inconvenient and costly.

The cleaning teams were using products that were not specifically formulated to kill bacteria and reduce bad odours and therefore the cleaning job was arduous. The staff were often frustrated because they would run out of specific products and have to make do with what was available and management were often reacting to product order requests from staff resulting in a feeling of being out of control.


  1. We audited the home and recommended a streamlined product range which included versatile products that were fit for purpose.
  2. We supplied and fitted dosing equipment to ensure the staff were not using too much concentrate ensuring in use costs were low and diluted correctly to guarantee bacterial kill rates.
  3. We installed a stock system with labelled shelving and studied statistics to work out monthly reorder levels which were agreed, to keep the home within budget.
  4. We took complete ownership of cleaning and hygiene management at Braeburn House by working in partnership with the manager and her team, providing training and all documentation to support COSHH legislation requirements.


The Cook is delighted that her team are not having to descale the dishwasher weekly and the machine has not been out of use for 12 months.

Both housekeeping and catering staff say “we are happy with the products we are using as they are making the cleaning task easier. We no longer have to ‘pop to the shop’ for products which we have run out of due to the effective stock control system and all products are now fit for purpose. This is more efficient and more cost effective”

The manager concluded by saying “we have all attended informative and interesting COSHH training and the cleaning legislation management is now the responsibility of Spectrum Cleaning leaving me more time to focus on other things.

A recent audit of the home highlighted that the cleanliness was excellent and smelt better throughout.

I would recommend Spectrum to others, they have been a pleasure to work with and have made my job and my teams jobs easier”