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Murgatroyds Fish and Chip Restaurant and Take Away is a privately owned and managed 250 seater restaurant. The restaurant caters for group bookings and specialises in serving coach par-ties. The restaurant is popular with all ages and offers disabled facilities, Senior Citizen menu’s and is very child friendly. Private parties are also hosted in the private function room. The menu is diverse, offering many alternative’s to fish and chips and the restaurant is busy most of the time covering 7 days per week, 12 hours per day. There is parking for up to 100 cars. Murgatroyds has built a reputation on good food, cleanliness and exceptional customer service.


Customers often queue for a seat at Murgatroyds and therefore the tables need to be turned round quickly to keep customers happy and wanting to come back. Once seated and ordered, clients want good food fast. Clean cutlery and crockery are constantly required for re-use.

Due to the relentless change over of customers during opening hours, much cleaning in progress takes place, both front of house and behind the scenes. This needs to be carried out discreetly so as not to mar the overall enjoyment of other diners enjoying their food.

Management recognised that lack of consistency in the use of the products was becoming an issue and due to the high volumes of fish and chips being served, build up of grease was a problem for the staff to deal with, whether that be on floors, tables or in the drains.

Tannin stains building up on crockery and tables were causing management concern as their high standards didn't easily tolerate imperfection in any way. The dishwasher cycle was often repeat-ed to get the standards required but this was proving costly in terms of time and use of additional products. The kitchen can be a highly stressful environment and very busy most of the time. The team were adopting the clean as you go cleaning principal and using solutions from 5 litre containers. Management were therefore concerned about too much product being used or not enough to reduce bacteria to safe levels.


After a full proposal was agreed, chemical blend stations were installed to guarantee low in use costs and accurate dosing. A procedure was introduced for regular dish wash checks and a weekly descaling process and a new dish wash dosing unit was installed to feed a highly acclaimed detergent and rinse aid into the dish wash cycle. An enzyme based drain cleaner was introduced to be decanted via a dispenser late at night to combat grease and a versatile, food safe, cleaner, degreaser and sanitizer was introduced as the main hard surface cleaner for both front of house and behind the scenes.

Procedures were introduced to encourage cleaning consistency amongst the staff and training was provided for all.


Management are happy that the dish wash results have been amazing and importantly have remained consistent throughout contract supply.

The owner said “the free dosing systems ensure my team use just the right amount of chemical which is essential when managing budgets and more importantly when controlling hygiene standards. We are now assured that our surfaces are bacteria free as we have test certificates and microbiological profiles tested to EN1276 for the product. We can sleep at night!

We have been using Spectrum for 15 years and couldn't be more delighted with the service we receive. We get a delivery each week and the driver carries the products up a narrow flight of stairs into our store room. He then puts the items away for us.

My account manager, Mark, is only a phone call away and can never be more helpful when I talk to him. My account is reviewed regularly and Spectrum always remain com-petitive with their prices.

Spectrum are a trustworthy, friendly team of people and I know I can call upon them at any time for delivery or advice.