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Raven Hall Hotel

Opened as a hotel in 1895, the award winning Raven Hall Hotel provides 52 en suite bedrooms and 8 Finnish Lodges. It also offers a Cliffside links golf course, tennis courts, games room and heated indoor swimming pool. Offering five event suites for up to 100 guests the hotel is a favourite venue for weddings, special occasions and conferences and is home to The Panorama Restaurant and lounge serving delicious lunches, dinners and afternoon teas.


The hotel had been using the same products and systems for years and management had not put the contract out to tender for some time. The manager of the hotel was aware that the housekeeping and catering teams were very loyal to the incumbent supplier and their current product range. Any new company with unfamiliar cleaning products could face animosity and therefore a new company would need to surpass expectations to ensure high morale amongst staff.


An audit was conducted and questions were asked of the whole team to encourage full involvement from all. After spending some time with the different teams, cleaning alongside them, getting to know them and discussing the issues they were experiencing, we formed a basis on which to move forward.

On our return, armed with lots of free samples for the staff to trial, the housekeeper was really impressed with our super concentrated products and the low in use costs they represented. Our cleaning procedures that communicated shower head cleaning/descaling and disinfection solved a training issue.

The chef loved the idea of introducing one product into the kitchen that would clean/degrease and sanitise 90% of all surfaces and our tailor made cleaning chart helped establish a good working habit of cleanliness for all the staff to follow.


The team have used Spectrum for over ten years now and the stock control system recently introduced, ensures the hotel always has just enough product in to support their needs. They never have an overflowing stock room!

Spectrum spent time with all heads of department and trained them on how to deliver COSHH training courses which helped them meet legal obligations quickly and easily.

There is a new housekeeper in post now, however, she is pleased with the products that are available to her and her team and says they perform well to remove soiling and bacteria.

The chef still continues to use the versatile cleaner, degreaser and sanitizer and this is dosed through a chemical blend station which guarantees low in use costs.

Regular account reviews with the General Manager provide us with the opportunity to introduce new products on the market to the hotel and constant price checks ensure we remain extremely competitive. Although cleaning product prices have increased in recent years, we have managed to ensure the hotel has not spent any more year on year over the last five years.