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St Gemmas Hospice

St Gemma’s is a registered charity providing specialist palliative care to the people of Leeds and  surrounding areas. It is one of the largest units in the UK and employs over 200 staff and works with more than 550 volunteers.  The In-Patient Unit consists of wards which can accommodate up to 32 patients in a mixture of single and shared rooms with ensuite facilities.


As the largest hospice in Yorkshire and one of the largest in England, it is  a high traffic environment. 2180 people visit  the Day Services Unit every year and there are 616 inpatient admissions too. These numbers  potentially create a lot of dirt so versatile, fit for purpose products and machinery are needed to ensure the cleaning task is not arduous  and long winded for the team in any way.

Patient safety is paramount for the Hospice and infection prevention and control is a high priority for St Gemma’s as they aim to reduce the risk of infection to patients, visitors and staff alike on an ongoing  basis.

St Gemma’s takes a pride in creating a "home from home" environment and are keen to use cleaning products that do not smell "clinical" or of chemicals.

Product  versatility is essential as the hospice has not only just had a new floor laid throughout but also has many areas delivering different services including a Bistro, Academic Unit and a Creative Arts Room in Day Services to name just a few.  Each surface has its own set of challenges which require bespoke   systems and procedure's to remove soiling and keep everywhere clean and bacteria free.

Helping to manage the cleaning budget to avoid overspending is an important consideration.


We streamlined the number of products making staff training and stock controlling easier and more cost effective. The versatile star performer in housekeeping and the kitchen, cleans, degreases and sanitises in one operation.  This has condensed the number of products being used in the kitchen from 3 to 1 and in housekeeping from  4 to 1.

New dish wash dosing unit have been installed to improve wash results and guaranteed support is on hand within one working day  if the machine dosing unit malfunctions in anyway, keeping "down" time to an absolute minimum.  

Solutions (continued)

We installed 81, free on loan, automatic soap dispensers to enhance infection controls.

We introduced a versatile star performed called Orange Fresh Cleaner that cleans, degreases, cleans carpets, floors, walls, laundry pre-spotter and much more.  A natural, yet powerful and effective alternative to the more aggressive cleaners on offer, it is made from the peel of citrus fruits, and the smell is pleasant and natural.

We offered a working partnership through our Free Hygiene Management Scheme to the Head of Facilities services and her team.  This arrangement offers efficient and effective hygiene management advice, bespoke systems, COSHH & product training and all documentation, cleaning procedures, hygiene checklists, product usage guides, COSHH data sheets to support legislative requirements in cleaning and hygiene.

We installed dosing equipment in all areas,  which has safe guarded the staff from using too much chemical concentrate, guaranteeing low in use costs (reduction in overall spend on cleaning chemicals) and accurate measurements assuring bacterial kill rates. New hand towel system installed saving in excess of £600.00 per year.


Spectrum Cleaning Solutions and St Gemma’s are now working in partnership by offering bespoke advice and guidance on all matters relating to cleaning hygiene .

Infection control  enhanced with the fitting of 81 touch free dispensers , dosing units measuring  correct dilutions guaranteeing to reduce bacteria to safe levels and the introduction of our  Hygiene Management Scheme Procedures & Checklists and all other support material.

Product range reduced by 6 and the new lines have improved cleaning  efficiency.

90% of hospice cleaned with a totally natural, environmentally friendly  cleaner.

Chemicals dosed accurately by the new dosing equipment.

New dispensers and dosing units throughout, supplied on a free on loan basis, have helped control costs, improve hygiene standards, provided accurate dosing and helped to provide a more modern look.

A vast reduction in the overall cost of cleaning and hygiene supplies to the hospice including £600 per year in hand towels alone.