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Scarborough Medical Group

Scarborough Medical Group provides high quality healthcare to the people of Scarborough and its surrounding district.  They have three surgeries, one in Newby,  one on the South Cliff and one in Cloughton. The doctors, nurses and all other staff are dedicated to  offering a professional service and it  includes a walk-in treatment service for adults and children over 2 years of age who may be suffering from minor injuries or  ailments such as cuts and bruises, sprains, scalds and burns, dog bites etc.  In addition, all doctors also carry out minor surgical procedures, typical operations being the removal of sebaceous cysts and small non-malignant skin lesions.

The Practice Nurses see patients for health promotion at various times during the week.  These clinics include well person checks, diabetic checks, asthma checks, hypertension checks, heart disease checks, diet and weight control, travel advice and stop smoking advice.


The current contract cleaning company are storing their cleaning and hygiene chemicals in cupboards belonging to Scarborough Medical Group.  Upon inspection it is apparent that, COSHH compliance is negligible, some domestic products sourced from the local supermarket are being used in place of commercial products, unlabelled bottles are being used to dilute chemicals and no COSHH data sheets available.

There is no formal system of cleaning and the same products are being used to clean clinical and non clinical areas.

The Practice Managers are not confident that the best systems are in place to ensure satisfactory CQC cleaning compliance and infection control.


Spectrum met with the current contract cleaning company and communicated the NHS/CQC ’s cleaning and hygiene standards.

COSHH and product training was  delivered to the cleaning operatives.

From there, the contract cleaning company removed the unsuitable products from the practice cleaning cupboards and obtained fit for purpose products from Spectrum.  They also removed the unlabelled chemical bottles.

Spectrum’s Hygiene Management Scheme was introduced to include a set cleaning procedures, checklists and colour coding practices, following NHS guidelines.


There is total  consistency of cleaning and hygiene practices throughout the group.

The Practice Managers feel more in control and have total peace of mind that correct procedures are being followed and CQC compliance is being achieved.

The system is simple and easy to follow for all.

All clinical surfaces are now being cleaned with a virucidal disinfectant that has been  especially formulated for treating hard surfaces and soft furnishings contaminated with potentially infectious soiling.

The Scarborough Medical Group are COSHH compliant and hold copies of all COSHH paperwork.