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Exclusive Hygiene Management Scheme

What's So Good About this?

Spectrum are an accredited, independent, product supplier, we will help you maximise your productivity in all hygiene related areas.

We help you create, control and manage your cleaning and hygiene tasks, obligations and routines.

We support and train your cleaning teams so they work more effectively.

We tailor our scheme to your individual requirements.

Detailed and proactive reviews highlight account anomalies and maintain best effectiveness within budget limits.

Our system provides real time information and identifies training needs and areas of risk.

Our scheme highlights problem areas where your cleaning regime and its products may not be working at optimum efficiency.

Participation in this scheme is complimentary when you meet our account criteria.

Infection Control & Food Safety

Supporting to reduce bacteria to safe levels in all areas of operation.

  • Confirmation that you are using products and cleaning systems that will reduce and control bacteria to recommended safe levels.
  • Introduction of cleaning checklists, methods, and hygiene controls that provide audit trails and record due diligence.
  • Offer current Infection Control advice and guidance on hand hygiene, colour coding, uniform and workwear and the use of personal protective equipment.

Cost Control

Providing cost effective solutions that match your specific requirements.

  • Detailed and proactive Initial review of your account spend to highlight anomalies. Then regular ongoing reviews to maintain best effectiveness within budget limits.
  • Implement a stock control system that helps you to manage cleaning product budgets.
  • Provide dosing units and control systems that maintain the lowest product usage costs.
  • We stock an extremely versatile range of multifunctional products that allows you to streamline your inventory.


Helping you to adhere to all hygiene legislation, rules & policies.

  • Ensuring that your business is fully COSHH compliant and this is evidenced correctly.
  • Keeping you updated and compliant with Food Safety legislation.
  • Providing specialist advice in all cleaning and disinfection compliance matters.
  • Helping you to instigate a regime that fulfils the Care Quality Commission guidelines “to maintain appropriate standards of cleanliness and hygiene using a proportional approach that helps preserve a homely environment”.


Assisting you to establish everyday practical cleaning habits that are both easy to teach and sustain

  • Assist you with staff training in hygiene standards, COSHH and Cleaning & Hygiene Science.
  • Ensuring that hygiene procedures are documented, recommended products are being used correctly, with specified contact times being understood and complied with.
  • Specialist advice, supervision and education in trouble shooting cleaning procedures to manage stubborn cleaning tasks.

Click here to find out how you can become a member of our free, highly praised hygiene scheme.