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Product Code: 33300/1

Price Excluding Tax: £20.95

Price: £25.14

Peek Polish

Cleans polishes & protects on all these surfaces: Brass, Silver, Copper, Gold, Chrome, Stainless steel, Bronze, Pewter, Fibreglass, Plexiglas, Acrylic, Aluminium, CeramicTile, Marble, Melamine, Formica, Arborite, Sterling Silver

Peek removes: Oxidation, Tarnish, Lime Deposits, Corrosion, Crayon, Grease, Salt Water Stains, Leaf Marks, Tree Sap, Bugs,Tar, Black Marker, Finger Prints, Graffiti, Minor Rust, Ink, Food Stains, Blood Stains, Smoke Damage, Water Marks, Wax Build-up, Gun Powder Residue, Heat Discolouration, Much More...

Sold in 1 x 1000ml Tin

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