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Brand: R.P. Adam
Product Code: SSP37

Price Excluding Tax: £32.55

Price: £39.06

Biotek Tile Clean is an effective, acidic, washroom, tile and poolside cleaner/sanitiser that can be used to remove the heaviest soiling, including soap deposits, body fat, lime scale and rust deposits.

Suitable for a wide variety of cleaning operations in housekeeping and building services applications as a damp wipe surface and floor cleaner. Cleans floors, walls, toilet cubicles, showers, urinals, sluice rooms, wash basins, tiled areas and tables. In hard water areas, fats and soils can be trapped under an invisible film of scale. By using daily it removes this film, allowing organic soiling to be removed easily from the surface in question. Excellent on chrome fittings, shower heads and unsightly shower screens.

Biotek Tile Clean must be diluted before use using a 30ml 5lt pelican pump, a manual wall mounted bottle/ bucket pump or via an automatic chemical/water mixing station. For a bottle cleaning solution dilute with one plunge of pelican/wall mounted manual pump per 750ml labelled Biotek Tile Clean trigger bottle. For a bucket cleaning solution add two to four plunges of dispenser to a 23 litre bucket of water depending on the degree of soiling.

Poolside Cleaning
Dilute 10:1 with fresh water either via a spray bottle, mop bucket or floor scrubbing machine. Once the surfaces have been cleaned they should be rinsed with fresh clean water to avoid leaving chemical residues. Daily use will reduce the slip potential on tiled floor surfaces around the poolside and in shower and washroom areas. It is recommended that a stronger 5:1 solution is used for initial cleaning of heavily soiled tiles.

When cleaning poolside tiles – always use fresh water and not pool water.

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