COVID-19 Risk Assessments

Completing thorough, good-quality risk assessments is a step that you cannot afford skip before reopening up your business to the public. Not only do you need to protect your staff and your customers from harm but having solid risk assessments in place will help you avoid costly fines and prosecution. You should review any existing risk assessments that you have, with a new focus on Coronavirus (COVID-19) and also ensure you gave completed risk assessments for every task undertaken. 

Click the images to download the documents. 

Task-Specific Risk Assessment Document

Use this Task-Specific Risk Assessment Document to complete a thorough risk assessment prior to reopening your business. Complete this for all activities and with a specific focus on including the risks associated with Coronavirus (COVID-19). 

Spectrum Coronavirus Risk Assessment Document
Click to download (.docx)

Risk Assessment Template

Use this template to record your risk assessment findings. Recording a risk assessment is always good practice and it is also a specific statutory requirement if you employ 5 or more people.

Spectrum Coronavirus Risk Assessment Template
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