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Spectrum Does Strictly

Spectrum Does Strictly

Spectrum Does Strictly

Get ready to cha-cha for a heartwarming cause, as Spectrum’s dynamic duo, Jo and Matt, shimmy their way onto the dazzling stage of “Strictly Come Dancing”! With less than a fortnight to go, the excitement is palpable as ten dazzling couples prepare to sashay and twirl at the magnificent Scarborough Spa.

Spectrum Does Strictly

The stage is set, the costumes are bedazzled, and the dance floor awaits their every move. It’s not just a dance competition; it’s a passionate endeavor to support St. Catherine’s Hospice. As the countdown begins, the sparkling promise of an unforgettable evening filled with glitz, glamour, and most importantly, boundless generosity, lights up the town.

So mark your calendars for an enchanting night where the rhythm of the dance joins hands with the rhythm of compassion, all in the name of a truly deserving cause.

You can purchase your tickets online for just ÂŁ10 each – but be quick!

📆 Saturday 2nd September
đź“Ť Scarborough Spa

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Kilimanjaro Virtual Climb

Kilimanjaro Virtual Climb

This week we embarked on our virtual climb of Kilimanjaro, all in the name of supporting the Urgent & Emergency Care Appeal Scarborough. Your sponsorship has the power to contribute towards enhancing healthcare facilities beyond the scope of the NHS. Your valuable assistance can help the Urgent & Emergency Care Appeal secure the additional resources needed to make a significant difference in patient care.

In our endeavor to conquer the summit, we have chosen to employ a cross trainer as our means of ascent. Throughout the week, our dedicated staff members will take turns, each completing their respective sections of the climb. By utilizing the cross trainer, we can replicate the physical challenges and rigor of the journey, symbolizing our collective effort to raise funds for our cause. Join us in this inspiring feat as we come together, step by step, to make a positive impact and reach new heights.

Together, let’s make a lasting impact by funding the extras that can transform healthcare facilities and improve the overall well-being of patients. Your sponsorship in this virtual climb enables us to provide the necessary enhancements that go beyond the standard healthcare provisions. By joining forces, we can create a healthcare experience that surpasses expectations, ensuring patients receive the exceptional care they deserve. Join us on this journey and let’s work together to make a positive difference in the lives of those in need.

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COVID 19 Reopen

Are You Getting Ready to Reopen Your Business Post-Coronavirus?

Are You Ready to Reopen Your Business Post-Coronavirus?

Since mid-March when the Government ordered non-essential business to close their doors due to the growing risk of Coronavirus (COVID-19), the world seems have become a very different place. As consumers and business-owners, we have got used to long queues and takeaway-only services, staff wearing PPE and signage telling us where to stand and which direction to move around the supermarket. For some people (for example those who are shielding) who may have stayed indoors completely, those first tentative steps outside will come very soon.

With the risk level across the UK recently being downgraded and the Government’s announcement regarding easing restrictions, we are all looking forward to the world starting to return to normal. Businesses such as restaurants, pubs, cinemas and hair salons will be allowed to open their doors to the paying public on 4th July, all provided they are COVID-secure. If your business is due to reopen, are you ready? 

COVID 19 Reopen

What does COVID-secure mean?

Being COVID-secure includes several steps to minimise the risk of Coronavirus spreading in your premises. Not only must you make sure you are following the published Government guidance, but you also need to carry out thorough risk assessments specific to your business and then put all necessary control measures in place. This will include cleaning measures, PPE requirements and logistical measures such as how many people you’ll be able to welcome into your premises while adhering to social distancing. 

We understand that it can seem like an overwhelming task and that you may be nervous about what the future of your business looks like, so we wanted to help. As a part of the Scarborough community for more than 20 years, here at Spectrum we feel passionate about helping businesses get back on their feet and kick-starting the local economy as soon as possible.

Introducing Spectrum – Back to Business

We’ve been putting together a series of guides and documents which are completely free to use and will help you and your business get set up for success over the coming weeks. From printable awareness posters to risk assessment templates, product recommendations to cleaning procedures and checklists, you can get ahead and start planning everything you need to welcome your customers back.

Whether you’re due to open on 4th July, you’ve already been operating with limited services, or you have to wait a bit longer to see your customers again, it’s crucial that you spend some time assessing how ready your business is. Your staff will want to know what their safety is being considered, as will your customers. 

How Do I Access these Resources?​

To make a started getting back to business, you can view all of our COVID-19 resources by clicking here. Anyone can access and use these documents, for free! 

If you are a customer with a My Spectrum account, simply log in and you will see they have been added to your documents. 



I know with the sunny weather that we have recently been having that this may be hard to believe but it is actually only 138 days until Christmas day, that’s roughly only 3285 hours!

Have you started planning yet? Personally I’m extremely last minute and will be rushing up and down the high street a few days before Christmas trying to find loved ones the appropriate gifts. As a cleaning supplies company however we have had to be prepared. We have been working hard these past few months with our suppliers to build our 2019 Christmas range and have even now started taking orders from our customers.

Christmas Party Season


Even though Christmas may still be X amount of days away, the Christmas party season starts now as early as November so it’s really not that long away.

According to Perkbox, 86% of business’ will hold a Christmas party for their staff*, even if you work in the hospitality business, you are likely to be having a Christmas party/celebration. This means that the Christmas party season now starts as early as November and goes through to the end of January. At Spectrum we are giving you the chance to start ordering your Christmas essentials now and then all the way through to Christmas.

Event planning platform Eventbrite estimates that a company spends on average a substantial £42.48 per head * for Christmas parties, with most companies also inviting employee’s partners, the Christmas party spend is huge.

Eventbrite has found that British businesses will spend almost ÂŁ1bn on festive corporate bashes. Christmas has huge potential, so get organised and buy your Christmas ancillaries early, better still buy them from Spectrum and maximise your Christmas profits.

Spectrum Christmas Gift to you….

As we’ve already established, Christmas crackers are probably the last thing on your mind right now, however it’ll be Christmas before you know it, and Yule be sorry if you don’t take advantage of our cracker of an early bird deal! (Sorry we’ve managed to get this far through the blog without a cheesy Christmas pun).

At Spectrum, we are already feeling festive so are offering our customers the chance to duplicate their order from last year order at the same 2018 price! If you place your order before August 31st, you’ll get your order for the same price.

If you didn’t order your Christmas products from us last year, don’t worry because we are offering an awesome early bird discount too, so the earlier you place your order, the more money you will save! Check out our brochures and get in touch with our little elves today to get your order placed.

Christmas really is coming, let us help you get festive…

Here at Spectrum, we love Christmas so I asked some of our team their favourite Christmas jokes to help get you feeling festive. Please let us know on our Facebook page what you think of our Christmas jokes/facts and if you have any of your own to share:

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Do You Know What’s on a Household Chemical Label?


We all use chemicals to clean at home every day, whether it’s using washing up liquid, all-purpose cleaners, toilet cleaners and everything in between, but do you know what information is on the chemicals you have at home? It’s probably something most of us don’t even think about, we just pick the product up off the shelf and use it, but knowing what’s in our products and how to use them is vital to protect you, your family and your home from harm.

Most chemicals you’ll have at home aren’t dangerous when used correctly, however, some chemicals need to be handled more carefully than others and this is where the labelling on the product comes in, telling you the dangers of the chemical and advising how to use them safely.

Most chemical products will have one of the below symbols on the label, these are the pictograms for the GHS (Globally Harmonised System) Classification of Risk Symbols. These symbols give you an indication straight away of the potential dangers of the chemical you’re about to use if they’re used incorrectly. Some of the more dangerous symbols you can still find on household items, for example, white spirit (turps), a common product used at home, has the Serious Health Hazard symbol on meaning that it can cause serious long-term health problems when used incorrectly.

As well as the classification risk of the product you will also find on the label what it does, for example degreasing, sanitizing or disinfecting, what EN regulations it meets and how to apply the product and how long you should leave the chemical on for before wiping clean. You will also find on the label the ingredients of the product and the environmental information of the chemical, so you can be aware of how harmful the chemicals you are using are to the environment.

Chemical Product Documentation

So, how can you make sure you’re using hazardous chemicals safely? We’d recommend following these guidelines:

  • Only use as much as you need of the product.
  • Use products when children and pets are not in the area, if possible.
  • Ensure the area in which you are cleaning is properly ventilated.
  • Never leave chemical products unattended, there have been incidents in the past where people have mistaken chemicals for a drink and suffered serious health consequences.
  • Never mix any chemicals with anything else but water, as this can create toxic gases.
  • After using chemicals, make sure you thoroughly wash any part of your skin that came into contact with the product with warm soapy water.
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