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Stay Home and Use Spectrum Delivery Service

Stay Home and Use Our Delivery Service In light of the Government’s announcement on 23rd March 2020, we are reviewing our services to ensure we adhere to the most up-to-date rules and keep all our staff and customers safe. We are temporarily suspending our walk-in Trade Counter service to protect the health and safety of […]

Introducing Oxy-Gen Powered Air Fresheners

Introducing Oxy-Gen Powered Air Fresheners Unlike other air fresheners that simply mask odours, Oxy-Gen powered air freshener systems eliminate odours and replace them with pleasant fragrances using an ingredient called Neutralox which is effective on many bad odours, from tobacco and food odours to pet smells and urine/faeces. The Oxy-Gen systems contain no solvents or […]

Coronavirus Advice

Coronavirus Advice – February 2020 Following the outbreak of Novel Coronavirus, please find our guidance on how to reduce your risk of infection. You can find detailed information about how to prevent the spread of infection from Public Health England on Hand Hygiene The overriding advice for the public is to observe good […]


CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I know with the sunny weather that we have recently been having that this may be hard to believe but it is actually only 138 days until Christmas day, that’s roughly only 3285 hours! Have you started planning yet? Personally I’m extremely last minute and will be rushing up and down the […]

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