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CHRISTMAS IS COMING! I know with the sunny weather that we have recently been having that this may be hard to believe but it is actually only 138 days until Christmas day, that’s roughly only 3285 hours! Have you started planning yet? Personally I’m extremely last minute and will be rushing up and down the […]

The Importance of Hand Hygiene

The Importance of Hand Hygiene We hear all the time about how important hand hygiene is and that we should be regularly washing our hands, especially after visits to the bathroom and before eating, but why is hand hygiene so important to our health? In short, washing your hands properly is one of the main […]

How Cleaning Can Help Your Mental Health

How Cleaning can help your mental health Being in environments that are cluttered make for easy distractions, which can in turn impair the brain’s ability to process information to the best of its ability and leave you feeling disconcerted. This means that not only does it matter to keep your home clean and tidy, but […]

Recycling – Do Your Bit!

Recycling- Do Your bit! Recycling is an issue that is dominating the world at the moment and rightly so, as in the UK alone over 31 billion tonnes of waste is produced every year, including around 5 billion drinks cans and 13 billion plastic drinks bottles being used, but more than 3 billion of these […]

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